Website with a Money Transaction Gateway

Do you have a website? Does it have money flow of any kind?

You have a website but you think it’s not working well on your business, it’s probably because it’s not accepting a payment on sight. Are you still waiting for someone who’s interested to call you? They won’t . Because they want to click. Before you start making money you have to get rid of the old fashion idea of something called “telephone call”. Nowadays, people want to click a button and get all the information needed and then receive the service. So after you put all the information about your business, service price info, you need a button to click so that your prospect clients like it, click it, pay it and receive the service promptly.

You have your email address written on your ABOUT US page, it’s good but it’s not enough. You have contact form on your CONTACT US page, again, no one will write you on it from it, it’s not because you and your service are boring. People now just don’t do. You have phone number on your business card and waiting for someone to happen to call you. Hoping it’s not a telemarketer or asking for donation to some police department, while watching a coffee pot to fill again? And again?

We make or remake your website with Money Transaction Gateway.
If you sell product, you need an online shop and shopping cart.
If you are an event organizer, you need a reservation system.
We can make customized online order form, your customer can
customize your service on your website and click it.
Once it gets payment, you will just send out the product
or service or service representative. It will be just that simple.

Let’s make money flow to you
Making Your Website a Money Making Machine
One Time Process Fee : $29.95

You will be directed to welcome page with questionnaire after the payment.
Please DO NOT close the browser. If it happens,
please check your email to proceed the process.