Is your website working?


Do you have a website, a blog or an online shop that’s not working quite all right? And it’s showing some error messages and no one can fix it, right? And you thought that it’s expensive to ask a help from a pro? Then you left it there.

Let’s make it work and alive again!
We make your dead website alive again.
Yes, we’d like to do so with a small fee!
We’d like your referral!!!

Let us know if you have small errands on your website that you haven’t touched for quite some time or the one that you can’t not publicize for some reasons.

For example, your website is two years old, someone built for you and the person is gone. And you have a new company logo as a data image, and you don’t know what to do to replace it. => You have to have login info like username and password.(we don’t hack!) => it takes probably less than 15 min and $15.00 (cash or paypal or swipe).

Once again, we’d like your referral.<3 <3 <3 Please LIKE our facebook page when you are satisfied with our work. We do, build a website, design a blog, show how to grow SNS network, construct an online shop or two, instruct how to produce merchandise or goods of your brand. We do program a stand alone order form with Money Transaction Gateway, which is customised specially for your business so that you can serve your customers in the same way you currently do offline. We are so excited already. Please access and go to [ WEB GIG ] section provided on secure layer Enter your information and your website problem. We will send you what we can do from there. There are no third parties involved. Or you can talk to the one who handed you this flyer. The person can work with you at a nearby cafe or any bench in the park if there is wifi access available. Dream big, New York!

[ price list for a gig ]
Erase an unwanted message, line, etc >> $5.00
Small fix on design >> 15 min , $15.00
If there is more than one, please list them up in advance.a

Make your website responsible >>
From very old website design >> 2,3 days >> $60.00
From newer website layout >> 1,2 day(s) >> $40.00

Need to edit or re-program script, php, manage api, access to database >> defers on project,

Construct a website from scratch >> $300.00
Construct a full functioning active website >> $500.00
Online shop with paypal payment for a few items >> $500 .00
Online shop with paypal for multiple merchandise >> $800 .00

Design a flyer like this >> $50.00
Ad on this paper >> $10.00 per spot per 500