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We are a web production company based in New York City. We build & rebuild website and provide web-related service and programs. Please take your time to explore our contents to get to know us. Everybody needs a website and our goal is to make every website work as a money making machine so that we can all prosper! We New York Local Businesses! In-person appointment is available in NYC.

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Now, we are taking new applications

From this simplicity to
add pictures
add sections
add a shopping cart with paypal
add a stand alone order form with paypal

and be active on SNS
+ facebook
+ twitter
+ instagram

to this,


When you have enough documents, photography, probably videos, SNS accounts
to publish on Internet in order to grow your business,

We do make matching business cards, postcards and flyers, too!


Next town meeting

Date and Time : TBA
(Weekend in Downtown Manhattan)
Fee : Free to join!
Discussion Theme
1. How we become so successful.
2. How to take advantage of Social Media.
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Service List at Glance

Regular Website
Based on web-hosting service.
Amazon Web Service & Clouds
Fromm web.com, wix.com,
wordpress, etc.

Online shop Building helper
Square, Etsy,

Social Networking Site API
instagram, etc

Merchandise API
Magento + Authorize.Net
Chimpmail API
Cafe Press API
Paypal PDN, IPN

Membership Construction
and more!

Service Fee Pricing in Brief

Active Website : $800.00
Online Shop : $1,600.00
Customized Order Form with Payment System & Basic Website
Membership System (Member registration & Member Login Logout)

Websites are not supposed to cost a fortune

For small businesses, business starters, accomplished musician and aspiring artists.

Website with a Money Transaction Gateway

Do you have a website with custom made online order form of any kind?

Let’s make money flow to you
Making Your Website a Money Making Machine
One Time Process Fee : $29.95

You will be directed to welcome page
with questionnaire after the payment.
Please DO NOT close the browser. If it happens,
please check your email to proceed the process.

Why does W[x]b.Com and such build your website free?

Because they don’t want you to learn the dynamics of Internet while we all have to learn to manage and run the business. It’s the same when you come to online. Almost you could call it the law of the universe. You just can’t let someone do it and wish the business grow, make money and bring it to you somehow some way one day automatically. Don’t you agree?

Where are the programs that were on the advertisement?
You might have seen or introduced our original programs such as TweeJam, instaGjam and ShopTopMost. They are still with us. They will emerge on the top page of our website (here) in upcoming near future. Please stay tuned.

We are not hiring at this moment.